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Adamstown Rosebuds JFC
Contact: Kerry Conquest
M: 0409 655 957          E: adamstownrjfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Green, red and white
Ground: Adamstown Park, cnr Belmore Street and Popran Road – Adamstown

Club LogosBeresfield JFC
Contact: Sue Allen
M: 0404 703 310          E: beresfieldfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: White, purple and black
Ground: Tarro Park, Anderson Drive – Tarro

Beresfield SnrBeresfield United Senior SC
Contact: Jenna Dalley
M: 0415 371 166          E: beresfieldsnr@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: White, purple and black
Ground: Pasadena Oval, Pasadena Crescent – Beresfield

Magic Youth FC Broadmeadow Magic FC
Contact: David Antcliff
M: 0408 427 142         E: brmagicjfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red and gold
Ground: Myer Park, Melville Road – Broadmeadow

Cooks Hill UFCCooks Hill UFC
Contact: Dianne Spurway
M: 0410 531 602          E: cookshillufc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Black and white
Ground: National Park, cnr Union Street and Parkway Avenue – Cooks Hill

Fletcher FCFletcher FC
Contact: Gaye McCauley
M: 0409 915 209          E: fletcherfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red, navy and white
Ground: Federal Park, Boscawen Street – Wallsend

Hamilton Azzurri JSC
Contact: David Paterson
M: 0418 211 029          E: hamazzurrijsc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Sky blue, white and navy
Ground: Smith Park, Boreas Road – Hamilton North

Hamilton Olympic FC
Contact: Con Gounis
M: 0423 221 352         E: hamolympicfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Royal blue and white
Ground: Darling Street Oval, cnr Darling Street and Hassall Street – Hamilton | Islington Oval, Maitland Road – Islington

Hunter Simba
Hunter Simba FC
Contact: Shakila Kader
M: 0409 153 912          E: huntersimbafc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: White and black
Ground: TAFE Oval no.2, Maitland Road – Tighes Hill

Jesmond FCJesmond FC
Contact: Sue Woodward
M: 0459 032 113         E: jesmondfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red, gold and black
Ground: Heaton Park, Bluegum Road – Jesmond

Kotara South FC
Contact: Nicola Rosenthal
M: 0416 124 604          E: kotarasthfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Orange and black
Ground: Nesbitt Park, cnr Casey Avenue and Boundary Street – Kotara | Lugar Park, Lugar Street – Kotara South

Lambton JaffasLambton Jaffas FC
Contact: Jenny Bailey
M: 0402 734 604          E: lambtonjaffas@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Yellow, brown and white
Ground: Harry Edwards Oval, Karoola Road – Lambton

Mayfield JuniorsMayfield United Junior SFC
Contact: Laura Ranger
M: 0448 991 170          E: mayfieldjnrfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Emerald green and white
Ground: Stevenson Park, Stevenson Avenue – Mayfield West

Mayfield SeniorMayfield United Senior FC
Contact: Wayne Richards
M: 0433 977 646         E: mayfieldusfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Green and white
Ground: Mayfield Park, Crebert Street – Mayfield

Maryland Fletcher FCMaryland Fletcher FC
Contact: Amy Skelton
M: 0473 061 069         E: marylandfletcherfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Maroon and gold
Ground: Kurraka Oval, Kurraka Drive – Fletcher

Medowie FCMedowie FC
Contact: Michael Sloane
M: 0419 018 570         E: medowiefc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Gold and black
Ground: Yulong Park, Kirrang Drive – Medowie

Merewether AdvMerewether Advance FC
Contact: Adrian Mannel
M: 0434 363 215          E: merewetheradvfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Maroon, white and grey
Ground: Jesmond Park, Newcastle Road – Jesmond

Merewether FC ASNMerewether United FC
Contact: Jennifer Lamont
M: 0413 595 349         E: merewetherufc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red and white
Ground: Myamblah Oval, Myamblah Crescent – Merewether

Minmi FCMinmi Wanderers FC
Contact: Angela Place
M: 0447 220 644         E: minmisc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Blue and black
Ground: Minmi Sports Ground, Woodford Street – Minmi

Nelson Bay FC
Contact: Nadina Potter
M: 0419 994 946          E: nelsonbayfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Black and gold
Ground: Tomaree Sports Complex, Nelson Bay Road – Nelson Bay

Newcastle GrammarNewcastle Grammar FC
Contact: Corey Rowntree
M: 0411 095 342          E: nclegrammarsc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red, blue and white
Ground: Smith Park, Boreas Road – Hamilton North

Newcastle Football RefereesNewcastle Football Referees
Secretary: Tony Bowen
M: 0451 533 272          E: secretary@newcastlefootballreferees.com.au


Newcastle SunsNewcastle Suns FC
Contact: Nick Murphy
M: 0421 852 181        E: newcastlesunsfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Yellow and red
Ground: Connolly Park, Cowper Street – Carrington

New Lambton FCNew Lambton FC
Contact: Stephen Manning
M: 0410 541 160            E: newlambtonfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Royal blue and white
Ground: Novocastrian Park, Orchardtown Road – New Lambton | Alder Park, Moonbi Street – New Lambton

RAAF WIlliamtownRAAF Williamtown FC
Contact: Stephen Withey
M: 0425 224 551        E: raaffc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Sky blue
Ground: Lakeside Sporting Complex, Lakeside Leisure Centre – Raymond Terrace

Raymond Terrace SC
Contact: Joanne Landers
M: 0421 124 028        E: raymondterracesc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Yellow and green
Ground: King Park, Newline Road – Raymond Terrace

Seaham Bowthorne FCSeaham Bowthorne FC
Contact: Charles McCumstie
M:0410 498 302        E: seahambowthorne@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Purple and black
Ground: Bowthorne Park, Morpeth Street – Wallalong

Shortland United FCShortland United JFC
Contact: Steve Beatty
M: 0409 463 724        E: shortlandufc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Green, white and black
Ground: Tuxford Park, King Street – Shortland

South Wallsend JSCSouth Wallsend JSC
Contact: Angela Jordan
M: 0448 063 860          E: sthwallsendjsc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Yellow and red
Ground: Walker Fields, Croudace Road – Elermore Vale

Stockton Junior SC
Contact: Matt Rolston
M: 0421 233 050        E: stocktonjsc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red and royal blue
Ground: Corroba Oval, cnr Fullerton Street and Meredith Street – Stockton

Tea GardensTea Gardens SC
Contact: Trevor Officer
M: 0416 077 898          E: teagardenssc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Maroon and light blue
Ground: Memorial Park, Witt Street – Tea Gardens

Tilligerry FCTilligerry FC
Contact: Rochelle Davies
M: 0435 924 580         E: tilligerryfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Green, white and black
Ground: Mallabula Sports Complex, Lemon Tree Passage – Mallabula

Uni mensUniversity of Newcastle Men’s FC
Contact: Boden Loveridge
M: 0422 617 416         E: unimensfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: White and navy
Ground: Ray Watt Oval, Wirra Crescent – Callaghan
University no.2, Callaghan

Uni WomensUniversity of Newcastle Women’s SC
Contact: Annelise Rosnell
M: 0478 754 871         E: uniwomensc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Blue, maroon and white
Ground: Ray Watt Oval, Wirra Crescent – Callaghan
University no.2, Callaghan

Wallsend FC NewWallsend FC
Contact: Lee Hobbs
M: 0419 234 477          E: wallsendfc@newcastlefootball.net.au
Colours: Red and white
Ground: Wallsend Oval, cnr Brooks Street and Thomas Street – Wallsend