About Us

Formed some 25 years ago, Newcastle Football has gone through a series of name changes since its beginning. Originally known as Hunter Hornets when first established with only 9 clubs.

An identity & branding update was necessary to reflect the region covered by the Association, Newcastle – Port Stephens Soccer Association (NPSSA) provided football for all ages across the Newcastle & Port Stephens Council areas.

As the membership grew and the soccer game became more recognised as the “real Football”, NPSSA Board of Directors made the move and changed to “Newcastle Football” in 2007.

Currently consisting of 36 Affiliated Members, and supported by a large army of Volunteers, Newcastle Football Directors and Staff provide 10,500 players across MiniRoos, Junior, All Age Men/Women & Zone Football League a game each week.

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Mission Statement

  • To provide, for amateur players, a competition run to the highest standard, without limitation as to age, race, religion or location throughout the Newcastle and Port Stephens area.
  • To improve the publicity of, and public perception of, amateur football, so as to foster the continued prosperity of the sport throughout our Zone.
  • To encourage and assist new clubs wishing to participate in organized amateur football competition.
  • To provide for the benefit of amateur football in the Newcastle and Port Stephens area, a strong, united voice within the hierarchy of football administration within the Northern NSW Football State and if necessary Australia.
  • To do all these things whilst having regard for the amateur nature of its membership, and therefore keeping Club / Player costs at the lowest possible level.