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Newcastle Permanent Club of the Month

This can cover a variety of reasons from the actual football experience, to club activities, coaching, volunteer management or anything that makes someone appreciate what their football club does.

The Newcastle Permanent Club of the Month Award is an amazing opportunity for clubs to promote their off-field initiatives.

The most outstanding club initiative from each month will be determined by a panel of Northern NSW Representatives and the Club will be awarded a $250 First Touch Football Supplies voucher.

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Child Safety

Member Protection & Code of Conduct (Behaviour)

FFA Code of Conduct
Spectator Code of Behaviour
Coaches Code of Ethics
Member Protection Framework- Football Australia
Example Member Protection Information Officer Position Description
Member Protection Declaration

Overview – Member Protection Information Officer

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures – they are the ‘go to’ person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint. They provide information about a person’s rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern. They can also provide information and advice to sport administrators and complaint handlers with regard to the Member Protection Policy of that sport. MPIOs are generally impartial; they do not mediate or investigate complaints.

The MPIO can play a key role in ensuring your sport is safe, fair and inclusive. MPIOs do this through ensuring club people and administrators know their rights and responsibilities and ensuring policies that focus on member protection are being implemented. Such policies may include but are not limited to the complaints policy and procedures, child protection policies, harassment and discrimination policies

State Member Protection Information Officer

Phillip Andrews,

(02) 4941 7206,

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