NNSWF relaunch Youth Referee Academy

October 28th, 2021

Northern NSW Football is delighted to announce the relaunch of its Youth Referee Academy for 2022-23 to better fast track the development of the state’s most promising young match officials.

The inaugural 34 referees selected for the academy come from all seven NNSWF member zones. They will work with experienced referee coaches across a two-year program which will focus on their technical, professional and physical development.

NNSWF Referee Manager Brad Carlin and experienced match official and instructor Alison Macready will oversee the individualised training and guidance given to the young referees.

Referees are more likely to be retained if they receive regular feedback on their performances and coaching on how to improve. Referees also need an understanding of the pathway to advance to officiating at a higher level of football.

Carlin is confident the academy will deliver in this regard.

“Young referees need to know the development pathway to the top. The more support and aspirational goals we can give to our referees the better chance we have of keeping them in the game,” Carlin said.

“NNSWF has produced some outstanding match officials in the past and we not only want to continue that tradition but expand on it.

“I am excited by the relaunch of the academy and to it providing a really vibrant, supportive and educational network for our young match officials from right across the state.”

The first meeting of the academy referees and coaches will be held virtually on Sunday. It is planned for them to meet in person for networking and training at the NNSWF State Referee Conference in Newcastle in early February.

NNSWF Youth Referee Academy 2022-23

Football Far North Coast

Lily Dzendolet

Olivia Flannery

Amalia Jobson

Kiara Jobson

Calum Kirkpatrick

Cooper McLean

Jamai O’Malley

Football Mid North Coast

Tianna Colwell

Ethan Cornell

Toby Hall

Kalan Steber

Sam Stewart

Sam Thornton-Collins

Tom Watson

Hunter Valley Football

Isaac Haggarty

Macquarie Football

Sam Donald (also NNSWF)

Jack Moen

Lucas Stace (also NNSWF)

Cory Vizintin

Newcastle Football

Tim Hamilton

North Coast Football

Jarod Baxter

Celeste Cameron

Kori Eaton (also FFNC)

Northern Inland

James Sweeney

Hamish Wallace

Northern NSW Football

James Clark

Arion Doumis

Rory Hersee

Callum Hewitt

Lucy Hungerford

Nathan King

Caleb Low

Paddy Robertson

Erin Tucker

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