Northern NSW Football launches partnership with Invictus Australia

March 11th, 2022

Northern NSW Football and Invictus Australia have signed a memorandum of understanding which will see them work together to promote participation in NNSWF’s Walking Football and Kick-On for Women programs to veterans and their families throughout the region.

Kick-On for Women is an introductory football program designed for women who have never played football before or have not played for a long time. The program helps women fit exercise and time for themselves into their busy lives while juggling work, study, family and social commitments.

NNSWF will run Kick-On for Women hubs across northern NSW throughout 2022.

Walking Football caters for those aged 50 years and over to encourage health, wellbeing and a social platform for older members of the community. It focuses on passing, does not require speed or running and is a fun, low impact sport.

The MoU will also encourage the northern NSW football community to improve their understanding of the veteran community while improving veterans’ health and wellbeing.

Invictus Australia Veteran Engagement Specialist Northern NSW Rachel Kerrigan said the partnership would have a number of benefits for veterans.

“Sport is such a huge part of our time in the military and is a powerful tool in aiding veterans in all aspects of life from rehabilitation to tackling social isolation and finding purpose,” Kerrigan said.

“It helps all members of the veteran community and their families integrate into the wider community, enabling them to draw stronger social connections and relationships whilst also putting the unique skill set gained from military service into use in their civilian life through volunteering. Sport has so many opportunities and pathways from elite, to local to volunteer roles.

“Sport has so many benefits for everyone. For me, after discharge, sport gave me a community and a network which became my family. It provided me with purpose, with the commandries and challenges that I had been missing since leaving the military. It improved my fitness, my physical and mental health and wellbeing. It opened up so many opportunities for me both inside and outside of sport. It gave me back my self-belief, confidence, drive and the ability to be a valuable member of the community.”

NNSWF Community Football Manager Ross Hicks said he was delighted to form the partnership with Invictus Australia.

“This is another way for us to promote football and our programs to the community while also providing an opportunity for our veterans to connect with their community,” Hicks said.

“Walking Football and Kick-On for Women are perfect vehicles to get non-active people involved with football, some for the first time.

“It is an exciting partnership and I look forward to seeing how it develops.”

Interested people can learn about the programs and register to participate by visiting or or phoning 02 4941 7200.

About Invictus Australia:

Invictus Australia is owned and operated by Australian International Military Games, the not-for-profit registered charity responsible for organising Invictus Games Sydney 2018, and licensed from the Invictus Games Foundation. We carry on the legacy of the Games every day in local communities, as all veterans and their families can benefit from involvement with sporting communities, particularly ‘at risk’ veterans.

 Invictus Australia relies on the generous support of government, corporate Australia and the general public. As well as promoting the physical, social and emotional benefits of sport, we shine a light on the unique needs of younger veterans and the challenges they face as they transition from military to civilian life. 

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