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September 24th, 2016

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Day Three

Champions Crowned at the Telstra State Championships for Girls

Telstra State Championships for Girls has now concluded in Coffs Harbour with Northern Inland claiming the 12 years title, whilst newcomers into the competition, South Wallsend FC, taking out the 14 Years.

For Northern Inland, it was a tight affair when they were up against their challengers North Coast Football in their last match of the day.

North Coast had to beat the leaders to win the crown, however, five minutes after North Coast were in the lead by a brilliant goal from Tiarne Hope; Miriam Barbera secured the title for Northern Inland and took the game to a draw.

In the 14 Years, it was a battle between the Herald Women’s Premier League rivals Mid North Coast and South Wallsend FC.

However, it was the newcomers to the Championships that took the title by just one point, from winning 6 and drawing one of their games across the three days.

Northern Inland 12 Years Girls

12 Years – Northern Inland

South Wallsend FC 14 Years Girls

14 Years – South Wallsend FC


12 Years

9:25am North Coast 3 (15′ & 29′ J. Hoppe, 38′ E. Knott) def. Hunter Valley 0

10:20am Far North Coast 0 def. by Macquarie 2 (7′ & 17′ H. Finley)

11:15am Newcastle 0 def. by Mid North Coast 1 (29′ S. Grass)

12:10pm North Coast 1 (17′ T. Hope) drew Northern Inland 1 (22′ M. Barbera)

1:05pm Macquarie (17′ S. Eve, 31′ M. Howard) def. Hunter Valley 1 (19′ K. Hall)

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


14 Years

8:30am Hunter Valley 3 (7′ K. Bell, 14′ K. Power-Walford, 39′ Z. Butler) def. North Coast 2 (18′ X. Zink, 32′ C. Williams)

9:25am Adamstown 1 (10′ L. Martin) def. Northern Inland 0

10:20am Far North Coast 1 (25′ L. Newman) def. by Warners Bay 3 (1′, 2′ & 6′ M. Loretan)

11:15am Hunter Valley 0 def. by South Wallsend 1 (6′ G. Fuhrer-Andrews)

12:10pm Northern Inland 1 (24′ M. Simons) def. by Mid North Coast 2 (12′ K. Roberts, 23′ I. Simon)

1:05pm North Coast 2 (1′ & 39′ C. Williams) def. Adamstown 0

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


Day Two

Northern Inland have maintained their unbeaten run in the 12 Years at the Telstra State Championships for Girls with extending their lead by 5 points in front of Newcastle and Mid North Coast (both on 8 points).

The only team that has a chance to challenge the leaders are North Coast Football (on 7 points) as they have two games in hand.

In the 14 Years Division, South Wallsend dominated their Herald Women’s Premier Leagues rivals Mid North Coast in a 1-0 win that places them only by 1 point ahead of them.

Both sides have a game in hand tomorrow which will determine the Telstra State Champions.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne has been able to identify some talent that has emerged from the second day of the championships.

“Some of the teams have tried to play possession based game but some teams have also simply resorted to knocking long balls hoping for the best.”

“Having said that however, there has been a few players that have stood out and from that point of view it’s been quite pleasing,” Browne said.

Official Points Table attached and full Day Two Results as follows;

12 Years

9:25am Hunter Valley 0 def. by Far North Coast 1 (17′ F. Kirbach)

10:20am Mid North Coast 0 drew North Coast 0

11:15am Newcastle 0 drew Macquarie 0

12:10pm Northern Inland 2 (13′ & 13′ E. Allan) def. Far North Coast 0

1:05pm Mid North Coast 2 (29′ J. Trafford, 40′ K. Osmond-Dreyer) def. Hunter Valley 0

2:00pm Macquarie 0 def. by North Coast 2 (7′ J. Hoppe, 18′ E. Knott)

2:55pm Newcastle 0 def. by Far North Coast 3 (8′ M Viel, 31′ A. Jones, 38′ B. Black)

3:50pm Mid North Coast 0 def. by Northern Inland 2 (7′ P. Wilson, 8′ E. Allen)


14 Years

8:30am Warners Bay 1 (35′ T. Millar) def. by Mid North Coast 5 (10′ M. Walker, 19′ K. Roberts, 22′ & 30′ I. Simon, 37′ C. Maidment)

9:25am South Wallsend 1 (23′ T. Gossner) drew North Coast 1 (6′ C. Williams)

10:20am Far North Coast 0 drew Adamstown 0

11:15am Northern Inland 0 drew Hunter Valley 0

12:10pm Mid North Coast 0 def. South Wallsend 1 (7′ G. Fuhrer-Andrews)

1:05pm Adamstown 0 drew Warners Bay 0

2:00pm Hunter Valley 0 drew Far North Coast 0

2:55pm North Coast 0 drew Northern Inland 0

3:50pm South Wallsend 3 (6′ Y. Popovic, 7′ T. Bryde, 28′ D. Elshiekh) def. Warners Bay 0

4:45pm Hunter Valley 0 def. Mid North Coast 1 (21′ I. Simon)

5:40pm Northern Inland 2 (6′ J. James, 19′ A. Boal) def. Far North Coast 1 (15′ J. Rankin)


Day One

Over 220 of Northern NSW’s best young female footballers have descended on Coffs Harbour for the annual Telstra State Championships for Girls.

Participating Member Zones include, Newcastle Football, Macquarie Football, Hunter Valley Football, Northern Inland Football, Football Mid North Coast, North Coast Football and Football Far North Coast; as well as the Herald WPL clubs include, Adamstown Rosebud Junior Football Club, Warners Bay Football Club and South Wallsend Junior Football Club.

Northern NSW Football have a technical group present to assess players and coaches on the key components of the Football Federation Australia National Curriculum.

The participation of Northern NSW’s young match officials at the State championships performed superbly officiating a total of 19 matches on the first day of the championships.

Day One of the Telstra State Championships for Girls was played out in warm, sunny conditions at the C.ex Coffs International Stadium.

Newcastle Football and Northern Inland Football are locked on points in the 12 Years from one draw and two wins, sitting on 7. Mid North Coast Football are trailing them behind sitting on 4 points.

In the 14 Years, Herald Women’s Premier Leagues Grand Final Champions, Football Mid North Coast and finalists, South Wallsend find themselves head to head again on the table sitting on 9 points winning their 3 games today. Hunter Valley sit behind them on 6.



Day One Results as follows;

12 Years

9:25am Hunter Valley 0 def. by Northern Inland 3 (19′ N. Burgess, 23′ C. Cavallara, 26′ G. Shepherd)

10:20am North Coast 1 (10′ J. Hoppe) def. by Newcastle 2 (12′ & 19′ I. Burke)

11:15am Far North Coast 0 drew Mid North Coast 0

12:10pm Northern Inland 1 (9′ E. Allan) def. Macquarie 0

1:05pm Hunter Valley 0 def. by Newcastle 3 (1′ L. Smeets, 6′ H. Eick, 39′ I. Burke)

2:00pm Far North Coast 0 def. North Coast 3 (4′ J. Stevens, 17′ J. Hoppe, 22′ G. Sullivan)

2:55pm Macquarie 0 def. by Mid North Coast 2 (24′ & 29′ K. Osmond-Dreyer)

3:50pm Northern Inland 0 drew Newcastle 0


14 Years

8:30am Mid North Coast 1 (29′ M. Walker) def. North Coast 0

9:25am South Wallsend 5 (2′, 32′ & 33′ G. Fuhrer-Andrews, 6′ & 17′ E. Darby) def. Far North Coast 0

10:20am Adamstown 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (38′ A. Gray)

11:15am Warners Bay 1 (30′ T. Millar) def. by Northern Inland 3 (4′ J. James, 13′ M. Simons, 31′ N. Whittal)

12:10pm Far North Coast 0 def. by North Coast 2 (7′ & 14′ C. Williams)

1:05pm Mid North Coast 3 (3′ N. Barnett, 6′ & 37′ A. Morn) def. Adamstown 0

2:00pm Northern Inland 1 (7′ S. Kennedy) def. by South Wallsend 2 (5′ G. Fuhrer-Andrews, 40′ Y. Popovic)

2:55pm Warners Bay 1 (35′ M. Loretan) def. by Hunter Valley 2 (15′ K. Power-Walford, 29′ M. Drake)

3:50pm Mid North Coast 3 (3′ & 39′ T. Holborow, 37′ A. Morn) def. Far North Coast 0

4:45pm South Wallsend 4 (17′ G. Fuhrer-Andrews, 22′ & 35′ D. Elshiekh, 30′ Y. Popovic) def. Adamstown 1 (33′ M. Wild)

5:40pm North Coast 2 (4’ X. Zink, 34’ C. Williams) drew Warners Bay 2 (15’ Z. Clarke, 23’ M. Loretan)


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