Northern NSW squads wrap up Westfield NYC for Girls

July 15th, 2019


After five days and eleven challenging matches collectively, the 14 and 15 Years Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) teams finished their 2019 Westfield National Youth Championships (NYC) for Girls campaigns second on their tables respectively.

NNSWF Technical Advisor Leo Bertos along with the coaching staff have been overall impressed with how competitive the players and teams have been this week.

“To be so competitive in this type of tournament is encouraging for our region, considering our players come together two days before this tournament to prepare,” Bertos said.


15 Years:

9:00 am Football West 1 (E. Lincoln 56′) def. Northern NSW 0

It was a tight affair in the first half between 15 Years NNSWF and Football West with scores locked 0-0.

It looked to be the same for the second half as neither team were able to crack their defence, however, Football West got in front in the 56th-minute from Ella Lincoln who shot from the far left and slotted it into the far right of the net.

The 15 Years looked to have had a couple of chances in front of goal but were unfortunate going over the post from a set-piece and a shot too wide.


14 Years:

1:00pm NSW Metro 4 (S. Saveska 14′, A. Ghabach 21′, D. Moore 28′, R. Paki 59′) def. Northern NSW 0

NNSWF’s 14 Years played their cross over match between NSW Metro (second-place Group A) on the final day of the Westfield NYC.

Looking dangerous on a couple of occasions the girls were unfortunate to not get a goal. Jessica Watts (of Port Macquarie) had a strong chance going one on one in front of goal, however, her shot was deflected off the keeper.

NSW Metro dominated in the end with the score locked at 4-0.

The game was a great opportunity for the players to test themselves against players who are in full-time training programs.

“There is still a lot of work to do in the player’s development of the girls in our region, it is really noticeable the technical level and fitness level of the girls in a full-time program compared to the girls that aren’t,” Bertos said.

In regards to the identification of players for future programs Bertos said, “the girls have all given themselves the best opportunity to be ID this week.”

“Now it is up to the players to continue to work hard at improving their game to give them the best opportunity to be part of future events like this,” Bertos concluded.


Thursday 18 July 2019

NNSWF go from strength to strength in Day 4 of the Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls

It’s been another positive day for both Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) teams as they put on solid performances against their opponents on Day 4 of the Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls.

Northern’s 14 Years played two deciding matches as their group stages close today, securing the second spot on the table in Group B, whilst NNSWF 15 Years displayed a strong performance in their cross over match against Group A opposition Capital Football side winning 3-0.


14 Years:

9:00 am Northern Territory 1 (J. Moscheni 9′) def. by Northern NSW 2 (J. Watts 45′, M. Viel 54′)

In the first game of the day for the 14 Years, the girls played a come from behind win as they defeated Northern Territory 2-1.

A defensive mistake in the backline in the first half, unfortunately, cost Northern a goal, however as the second half commenced the girls went back in the match determined for a win.

The first chance came from Jessica Watts (of Port Macquarie) who cleanly slotted it past the keeper going one on one and the second from captain Mia Viel (of Skennars Head) who was able to turn around the defender and slot it in the bottom corner from the middle of the box.

In the second match of the day the 14s came out strong, however, in the second half, they made some small errors which cost them a draw.

A free-kick off the edge from Madeline Howard (of Charlestown) went towards the touchline and hit towards the back post, the keeper misjudged the ball as it went over her head and bounced into the bottom corner.

In the second half, NSW Country found an equaliser in the 41st minute, however, Northern responded minutes later. A beautiful cross from the left into the box from Sophie Cook found Watts who turned around and slotted it on the right bottom corner. NSW Country responded straight away equalising again as the sun glared into the keeper’s eyes and slipped through her fingers.

NNSWF Technical Advisor Leo Bertos said the girls were fortunate to get a good result in their first match of the day but said improved in their second game of the day and were unlucky to get a win.

“In the afternoon it was a much better performance against a strong country team… the team deserved to have come away with a victory,” Bertos said.

“Madeline Howard performed quite well in both games and Jessica Watts often looks dangerous in attack when involved in the play.”


15 Years:

11:40am* Capital Football 0 def. by Northern NSW 3 (S. Wilkie 31′, I. Burke 46′, E. Hughes 59′)

In their only game of the day, NNSWF 15 Years played a cross over match between Capital Football, where no championship points are awarded.

A scoreless match in the first half, NNSWF proved their strengths in the second as they came out firing when Samantha Wilkie (of Tamworth) got in behind the defence and slotted it nicely into the net just one minute into the second half.

The second goal came from Imanee Burke (of Lambton) who collected a nice free kick from Emma Allen (of Tintinhull) and the third goal from Ellen Hughes (of New Lambton Heights) which was an excellent individual goal chipping the keeper off her line.

Bertos said it was a unique game for the girls to play which they “competed very well and deserved the victory.”

“Good performers in that match were Maddison Kerr, Ellen Hughes and Samantha Wilkie.”


The 15 Years will be up against a tough deciding match tomorrow morning against Football West as they sit in second spot whilst their opponents sit in the fourth spot.

Bertos concluded saying the teams have been progressing very well throughout the week and hope “they can finish their final games with more good performances.”

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Northern NSW Sides Build Momentum for Day 4 of Westfield NYC for Girls

Day three of the Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls in Coffs Harbour has seen more tough matchups for our Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) squads.

Today, the 14 Years secured a win against Tasmania whilst the 15 Years held NSW Country to a draw.


14 Years:

10:20am Northern NSW 2 (L. Amato 35′, M. Viel 49′) def. Tasmania 1 (E. Horgan 60′)

It was a tight match in the 14 Years between NNSWF and Tasmania as it took a while for both sides to get into the game and create any clear chances.

A beautiful cross from the right, from Leteesha Amato (of Forster), went straight past the goal and unfortunately, no one was there to be able to collect and finish. Another chance came from Jessica McMorrow (of Cameron Park) who was able to go one on one with the keeper, however, unfortunately, the strike went straight to the keeper.

NNSWF Technical Advisor Leo Bertos was pleased for the Northern side to hold the win against Tasmania.

“We had a number of good opportunities to score but didn’t seem to be able to finish when it counted,” Bertos said.

After half time the NNSWF side came out strong, with the first goal of the game coming from Amato just minutes after it commenced.

The second goal came through good pressing in the final third, 14 Years captain Mia Viel (of Skennars Head) won the ball off a Tasmanian defender and was able to run straight to goal and finish off nicely.

Just on full time, Tasmania was able to get on the score sheet from a penalty kick.

“Overall it was a very scrappy game with a lot of turnovers,” Bertos said.

“The Northern side still looked like they were controlling the game… Tasmania did well to score to keep the tie closer in the second half.”


15 Years:

2:20 pm Northern NSW 1 (I. Burke 22′) drew NSW Country 1 (P. Lockley-Hinschen 43′)

It was a tight affair between NNSWF 15 Years and NSW Country as the scores were locked 1-1 all.

NNSWF were leading at the break 1-0 from Ellen Hughes (of New Lambton Heights) who received the ball in tight areas in midfield.

Hughes was able to evade the challenge of an NSW Country opponent and played a nice through ball for Imanee Burke (of Lambton) who rounded the keeper and slotted in the goal.

NSW Country was on top for the rest of the game and was able to equalise in the second half. The 15 Years Northern team did well to keep the score locked at full time.

Bertos was impressed with the game and said it was “a very close game in terms of possession and territory.”

“NSW Country created a number of good chances to score in the second half especially through their number 12, who eventually scored the equaliser from a well-worked set play.

“Ellen Hughes performed very well and was always involved in the play.”


Tomorrow in the 14 years group, NNSWF will be up against Northern Territory in the morning and then NSW Country in the afternoon who are coming equal second with NNSWF. Tomorrow is the final day in the 14s age group where teams are playing for championship points.

In the 15 Years, the NNSWF side has a cross over match against Capital Football.

Bertos is looking forward to seeing how the teams perform tomorrow and hopes the teams “can continue to build on their performances.”

Tuesday 16 July 2019

NNSWF Squads show promising signs on Day 2 of the Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls

Day two has showcased another promising day for the Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) squad’s as the 15 Years squad dominated in their game securing a win whilst the 14 Years were unfortunate to go down in the second half.

15 Years:

11:40 am South Australia 2 (A. Willoughby 42′, J. Fisher 58′) def. by Northern NSW 4 (S. Wilkie 12′ & 17′, E. Knott 32′ & 42′)

It was another impressive day for the Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) 15 Years squad as they held on for their second win of the tournament against a determined South Australian side.

Samantha Wilkie from Tamworth was excellent again on the second day, scoring a brace in the first half.

In the second half, the Northern side came out firing again, rushing the ball through the defence where Emily Knott finished off nicely from outside of the left-hand side of the box.

In the 42nd minute, South Australia was able to get on the score sheet through Anastasia Willoughby, however, NNSWF responded straight away with capitalising a defensive error.

Emma Allen created a beautiful through ball behind the South Australian defence for Knott where she easily beat the last defender slotting it past the goalkeeper.

Aheisha McPhillips and Goalkeeper Maddison Kerr were also brilliant throughout the match effectively breaking out promising attacks and saving every chance South Australia were able to create throughout the match.

Technical Director Leo Bertos said it was an entertaining match with nice goals from Wilkie and Knotts.

“Both teams looked very dangerous when attacking,” Bertos said.

“Samantha Wilkie scored a nice individual goal in the first half… It was also nice to see Emily Knotts on the score sheet as well.

“It’s good to see our players expressing themselves and having more confidence at creating chances to score.

“Today has just proved that as we have seen more goals in the tournament as a result.”


14 Years:

3:40 pm Capital Football 2 (B. Reithmuller 33′, I. Hindmarsh 39′) def. Northern NSW 1 (J. Watts 8′)

The 14 Years Girls were unfortunate to go down to a gritty Capital side who were able to capitalise on the second half securing a 2-1 win.

In the first half NNSWF created plenty of opportunities in front of goal, however, were unable to finish them. The only goal for NNSWF came from a penalty as Madeline Howard, from Charlestown, went in for a nice dribble inside the box and got pulled down. Jessica Watts, from Port Macquarie, slotted it in nicely.

Minutes after the second half started, Capital Football came out firing securing a brace.

The first came from Bessie Reithmuller who slotted a ball through the Northern defence of the left, whilst the second was from a set piece. The referee made a tight decision where the players thought the ball hadn’t crossed the line, however, the referee awarded the goal.

Watts had a chance in front of goal but unfortunately wasn’t able to get behind it strong enough as it went straight to the keeper.

“This is a unique environment where there are a number of intense games throughout the week for the players, where their normal week is a couple of training sessions and playing on the weekend,” Bertos said after the match.

“The challenge for the player’s is to recover well and make sure they are prepared to perform in the matches tomorrow.”



Northern NSW squads kick off their Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls Campaigns

Day One of the Westfield National Youth Championships for Girls proved to be a strong start for both of the Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) squads sharing successes in the opening day.

NNSWF Technical Advisor Leo Bertos who is looking over both squads was pleased with how the girl’s have started their national campaigns.

“We have come together with players scattered around the region and have been limited with the opportunity to train together,” Bertos said.

“It was nice to see them perform quite well for their first game and get some good results which will hopefully provide confidence for the girls for the rest of the week.”’

14 Years:

12:10 pm Northern NSW 1 (J. Watts 24′) def. Football West 0

With many opportunities created in the game, the 14 Years Girls held onto a tight 1-0 victory against a strong Western Australian team.

Both teams and both keepers played very well defending and deflecting all shots in both halves.

“We saw a good couple of individual performances across both age groups,” Bertos said.

“Tahliya Sambrook performed well playing out of a familiar position, also good performances were from Mia Viel in midfield and Jessica Watts who scored the goal.”

Watts converted a beautiful goal, beating all Football West defenders coming down the left and slotting it in the top corner.

15 Years:

1:30 pm Northern NSW 2 (S. Wilkie 7′, I. Burke 28′) def. Tasmania 1 (A. White 26′)

In the 15 Years, it was a close battle in the game, however, Northern NSW were able to stop the Tasmanian team as they fought back from a one all draw.

The first goal of the day came from Samantha Wilkie who opened the scoring for the Northern team.

Tasmania responded shortly after though, Northern fought back straightaway leading to the goal of the day.

It was a good build-up play including Ellen Hughes which was finished off with a nice strike from Imanee Burke.

Bertos stated the standout performers were Emma Allen, Ellen Hughes and Samantha Wilkie.

With being a whole new squad, Bertos said the teams have been working hard to gel together and hope it continues to grow throughout the week.

“Now we know what the girls are capable of and we will hopefully be very competitive in the remaining games,” Bertos concluded.

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