2018 Telstra State SAP Championships for Boys Results and Review

June 9th, 2018



This long weekend, more than 220 of Northern NSW’s most talented 11 and 12-year-old male footballers are competing in the annual Telstra State SAP Championships in Coffs Harbour.


Day Three – Monday 11 June 2018

NNSWF Select SAP Take out the Telstra State SAP Championships

 A stand out championship performance from Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Select SAP seen them take out both of the 11 and 12 Years divisions in the Telstra State SAP Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour.

The teams are combined with players from the Emerging Jets and within Far North Coast region who have been scouted by technical directors within the northern region.

The 12 Years, made up of majority Far North Coast players, dominated across the park and were undefeated across the three days of their championship campaign.

With only having to win their first match of the day, the 11 Years Select SAP put the nail in the coffin against their title contenders, Macquarie Football. The only match they lost throughout their campaign was their final match against a determined North Coast outfit.

NNSWF Technical Director, Michael Browne, was overall pleased with the collective performances across the three-day tournament of players.

“Some good performances both individually and with most of the teams attempting to play a possession based game,” Browne said.

“All of the Zones need to continue to work hard to try and raise the technical level of the players as quite often as possession is lost and attacks break down due to technical deficiencies.

”If we can improve this situation it will undoubtedly improve the quality of football across the board.”

NNSWF Senior Officer – Match Official Administration and Development, Brad Carlin was also impressed with the performances of his match officials that were underdoing their Talented Official Program (TOP) Camp.

Carlin along with his assessors, named Isaac Peachey, from Football Far North Coast Referees as the 11 Years Match Official Champion and Sam Charlier from NNSWF Referees as the 12 Years Champion.


Referees of the Championship
11 Years

Isaac Peachey

Football Far North Coast Referees

12 Years

Sam Charlier

Northern NSW Football Referees


Championship Winners

11 Years Champions

NNSWF Select SAP 11 Years



12 Years Champions

NNSWF Select SAP 12 Years


11 Years

8:30am Northern Inland 1 (B. Cini 1′) drew North Coast 1 (D. Carter 3′)

9:25am NNSWF Select SAP 2 (P. Kerry 17′, R. McLean 27′) def. Macquarie 1 (Z. Major 12′)

10:20am NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (B. Scarpin 39′) def. by Mid North Coast 0

11:15am Hunter Valley 5 (L. Duma 4′, 8′ & 9′, C. Pollard 5′, J. Bailey 29′) def. by Emerging Jets 10s 1 (J. Ritchie 20′)

12:10pm North Coast 2 (K. Mukawa 27′, D. Carter 37′) def. NNSWF Select SAP 1 (C. Keane 19′)

1:05pm NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (D. Gabbo 19′) drew Northern Inland 1 (T. Schaefer 40′)

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


12 Years

8:30am Hunter Valley 0 def. by NNSWF Select SAP 2 (A. Hollis 20′, T. Goora 38′)

9:25am Mid North Coast 1 (L. Alexapoulos 14′) def. NNSWF NEW SAP 2 (C. Stevenson 4′ & 7′)

10:20am Northern Inland 1 (T. Aitken 38′) def. by Emerging Jets 11s 2 (W. Dobson 15′, A. Nunes 37′)

11:15am Macquarie 1 (C. Fitchett 18′) def. by North Coast 2 (B. Dove 2′, L. Marchant 3′)

12:10pm NNSWF Select SAP 4 (C. Lamb 11′, T. Goora 21′, H. Walters 26′, J. Tuckett 27′) def. Mid North Coast 0

1:05pm Northern Inland 0 def. by Hunter Valley 3 (R. Shields 10′, S. Padmos 30′, C. Law 37′)

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions


Day Two – Sunday 10 June 2018

After 22 action-packed matches, leaders have emerged at the conclusion of Day Two in the Telstra State SAP Championships for Boys in Coffs Harbour.

A strong race between Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) Select SAP, Macquarie and the Emerging Jets in the 12 Years division is clear, as the three sides fight for the top of the table. NNSWF Select SAP have a game advantage tomorrow, which could play a big part in the decider between the three.

In the 11 Years, Macquarie Football are the league leaders with the NNSWF Select SAP at their heels, again with a game in hand.

It was a day of mixed fortunes for the Country squads, however, North Coast in the 11 Years are looking like a strong contender sitting comfortably third with two games in hand.

NNSWF Technical Advisor, Leo Bertos expressed that this year’s State Championships has gotten off to a good start as “the majority of the team’s play has been more attractive to watch with teams trying to play out the right way” and is looking forward to the final day tomorrow.

“With SAP focusing on the four core skills, it has been the perfect opportunity to assess the players in these areas of the game,” Bertos said.

“First touch and passing have been pretty good overall. There has been less 1v1 attacking on display as what I would have liked to have seen, but generally, the games are being played the right way. There have been a lot of nice goals scored through both good team play and individual skill which has been good to watch.”

Bertos also said that not only it’s benefited assessing the players within how they are progressing in their program but it also “has been a good opportunity to see how the Zone coaches are progressing” as well.

The players are identified for the Jets Academies and future Talented Support Pathway programs, such as the Identification Camps, Gala Days, State Championships and National Youth Championship selections.

Matches commence from 8:30 am tomorrow, and the presentation ceremony will conclude the three-day event with a scheduled start time of 2 pm.


Full Day Two Results as follows;

11 Years

8:30am Emerging Jets 10s 0 def. by Macquarie 3 (W. Dugomanov 5′, Z. Major 16′, A. Bailey 40′)

9:25am Mid North Coast  1 (B. Davies 5′) def. Northern Inland 0

10:20am Hunter Valley 1 (L. Miller 15′) def. North Coast 0

11:15am NNSWF Select SAP  0 drew NNSWF NEW SAP 0

12:10pm Macquarie  5 (A. Bailey 3′ & 17′, J. Jensen 12′, Z. Jensen 12′, Z. Major 21′, X. Trahair 27′) def. Mid North Coast 0

1:05pm North Coast 2 (J. Mihelffy-Hughes 14′ & 19′) drew Emerging Jets 10s 2 (E. Bell 11′, R. Butler 25′)

2:00pm NNSWF NEW SAP  0 drew Hunter Valley 0

2:55pm Northern Inland 0 def. by NNSWF Select SAP 3 (C. Watts 6′ & 37′, J. Miletic 30′)

3:50pm Mid North Coast 0 def. by Emerging Jets 10s 2 (L. Kolevski 6′, K. Tan 14′)

4:45pm NNSWF NEW SAP  0 def. by Macquarie 3 (K. Hurry 6′, W. Dugomanov 30′, X. Trahair 57′)

5:40pm NNSWF Select SAP 3 (T. Murphy 1′, P. Kerry 8′, R. Tyrrell 34′) def. Hunter Valley 2 (J. Carroll 5′, R. McInerney 35′)


12 Years

8:30am North Coast 0 def. by NNSWF NEW SAP 3 (C. Stevenson 5′ & 18′, N. Di Claudio 21′)

9:25am Emerging Jets 11s  0 drew Hunter Valley 0

10:20am Macquarie 1 (N. Hunton) drew NNSWF Select SAP 1 (H. Walters 21′)

11:15am Mid North Coast  0 def. by Northern Inland 1 (B. Jarrett 12′)

12:10pm NNSWF NEW SAP  0 def. by Emerging Jets 11s 1 (S. Manning-Lourey 37′)

1:05pm NNSWF Select SAP  0 drew North Coast 0

2:00pm Northern Inland 0 def. by Macquarie 3 (C. Gibson 2′, OG 30′, N. Hunton 37′)

2:55pm Hunter Valley 0 drew Mid North Coast 0

3:50pm Emerging Jets 11s 1 (S. Murphy 37′) def. North Coast 0

4:45pm Northern Inland 1 (W. De Gunst 23′) def. NNSWF NEW SAP 0

5:40pm Mid North Coast 2 (C. West 5′, C. Page 24′) def. by Macquarie 3 (E. Guy 3′, C. Fitchett 6′, L. Belgman 34′)


Day One – Saturday 9 June 2018

The Telstra State SAP Championships for Boys kicked off in Coffs Harbour today, with both the 11 and 12 years squads playing at least two games each in overcast conditions.

The Championships provide Skill Acquisition Program (SAP) Metro and Country squads the opportunity to gauge their development against the best in the state.

During the tournament, Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) have a technical group present to assess all players and coaches on the key components of the FFA National Curriculum.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne was satisfied with the standard across the park for Day One and said it was an ‘overall pleasing start to the weekend’.

“The way in which all of the teams are trying to play is pleasing and demonstrates that all of the Zones are encouraging their players to try and play possession-based football as opposed to simply looking to try and win games,” Browne said.

An undoubtedly stand out performance from both of the NNSWF Select SAP squads, Browne was impressed with the 12 Years the last matchup between the Emerging Jets (11 Years) saying it ‘was a particularly good game with some very good individual performances and good team play also.’

Matches continue tomorrow from 8:30 am with last kick off at 5:40 pm.

Full Day One Results as follows;

11 Years

8:30am Mid North Coast 1 (H. Eames 18′) drew Hunter Valley 1 (J. Carroll 7′)

9:25am Macquarie 6 (X. Trahair 3′, W. Finlayson 4′, W. Dugomanov 14′, J. Fitchett 25′, Z. Major 33′ & 39′) def. Northern Inland 5 (B. Cini 15′, 19′ & 24′, N. Davis 21′, J. Bender 34′)

10:20am North Coast 1 (J. James 36′) drew NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (R. Jose 39′)

11:15am Emerging Jets 10s 1 (A. Brideson 35′) def. by NNSWF Select SAP 7 (P. Kerry 1′, 5′, 10′, 16′, C. Watts 13′ & 18′, T. Murphy 37′)

12:10pm Hunter Valley 2 (L. Duma 5′, J. Carroll 31′) def. by Northern Inland 3 (B. Kollosche 4′, N. Davis 29′, B. Cini 32′)

1:05pm Macquarie 2 (W. Finlayson 34′ & 37′) def. by North Coast 3 (D. Carter 4′ & 26′, K. Mukawa 25′)

2:00pm NNSWF Select SAP 2 (R. Tyrrell 4′, T. Murphy 17′) def. Mid North Coast 0

2:55pm Emerging Jets 10s 0 def. NNSWF NEW SAP 4 (A. Walker 1′, T. Merrill 25′, R. Jose 39′ & 40′)

3:50pm Macquarie 2 (Z. Major 33′, K. Hurry 39′) def. Hunter Valley 1 (L. Perry 17′)

4:45pm Mid North Coast 2 (E. Cross 30′, L. Drew 32′) def. by North Coast 3 (M. McCarthy 20′, K. Veneziaono 22′, K. Mukawa 25′)

5:40pm Northern Inland 2 (B. Kollosche 11′ , B. Cini 17′) drew Emerging Jets 10s 2 (E. Bell 25′, L. Kolevski 38′)


12 Years

8:30am Emerging Jets 11s 4 (L. West 18′, W. Dobson 19′, S. Manning-Lourey 38′, M. Cooper 40′) def. Macquarie 2 (K. Herd 11′, C. Gibson 34′)

9:25am NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (C. Stevenson 25′) def. by Hunter Valley 3 (D. Eriksson 5′, C. Law 13′, H. Sherring 15′)

10:20am NNSWF Select SAP 4 (T. Goora 3′, H. McAteer 5′, J. Stewart 15′, C. Lamb 21′) def. Northern Inland 1 (A. Chorley 39′)

11:15am North Coast 2 (B. Dove 29′, R. Green 32′) drew Mid North Coast 2 (C. Page 15′, J. Hargreaves 36′)

12:10pm Macquarie 1 (A. Reid 17′) drew Hunter Valley 1 C. Law 8′)

1:05pm NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (J. Lloyd 3′) def. by NNSWF Select SAP 3 (H. Walters 22′, H. McAteer 25′, J. Tuckett 28′)

2:00pm Mid North Coast 0 def. by Emerging Jets 11s 3 (A. Nunes 8′, B. Mewett 19′, M. Miller 36′)

2:55pm North Coast 0 def. Northern Inland 1 (B. Jarrett 26′)

3:50pm NNSWF NEW SAP 0 def. by Macquarie 1 (K. Herd 11′)

4:45pm Emerging Jets 11s 0 def. by NNSWF Select SAP 1 (H. Walters 31′)

5:40pm Hunter Valley 0 drew North Coast 0

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